"Nurses Choice, Inc., is Tampa Bays Leader in Clinical Outsourcing.  We are a trusted stable partner for many hospitals, clinics, hospices, rehab centers, assisted living communities & occupational worksites"...

At Nurses Choice, we’re focused on your professional success and growth!

Our candidate population is reflected by working hard to help all job seekers find opportunities that are both professionally and personally rewarding. We seek the best fit for your skills, interests, schedules and financial needs. Nurses Choice has a large network of relationships with facilities that look for the type of talent and skills that you can provide. We are here to help you build that bridge between your professional skills and our clients desire for top talent.

A few of our benefits: ​​​​​​​​
  • Access to the best job opportunities 
  • Access to growth opportunities to gain additional or new experience 
  • Career Tools and Support 
  • Salary / Benefit negotiation 
  • No placement costs or fees to you

    "No placement fees or costs to you"
    "Rewarding Jobs with Amazing Pay"